Join Our Family


Are You Ready To Join Our Family?

Registration is currently closed for the competition team until next season. We do offer independent tumbling and jazz classes for a low cost. For more information, email us at or call 919-709-3401. 


Registration Fee

Only $20 registration fee.


No Dance Experience? No Problem!

We have a beginners class and the coaches will help develop your dancing skills.

What Do We Offer?


Triple D Dancers travel throughout North Carolina and nationally competing in majorette dance competitions. We were recently selected to compete in a Dancing Doll Competition hosted by Mrs. Dianna from the hit show “Bring It”. We will be traveling to Tennessee in April 2019 to compete!

Monthly Fee

It's only $11.25 a week for an amazing opportunity to dance, build a sisterhood, parent bonding, team building trips, traveling and competing. 

At a low $45 a month, becoming part of the Triple D Family is priceless.

We Value Our Dancers

Because we value our dancers education and the pursuit to being a well rounded athlete, practices are held in the evening. This accommodates the dancers other school activities they participate in and it allows for homework after school.