Breanna’s journey in the world of dance and cheer is truly inspiring! From her humble beginnings at her local church to cheering for different teams and eventually becoming a coach. Breanna’s story is a testament to hard work, perseverance, and a deep love for what she does.

Breanna’s 12 year cheer career started young and progressed through high school. She incorporated 4 years of hip hop, tap, jazz and ballet at Ms Robins Academy of Dance. She found her true passion at Triple D Dance Studio, where she not only honed her skills, but also had the opportunity to showcase her talents in competitions across various cities and states. Her dedication and success with the team must have been incredibly fulfilling and rewarding.

And now, as she takes on the role of coaching her high school’s dance team, the Elegant Divas. Breanna is not only sharing her expertise, but also inspiring and empowering young girls to embrace the joy of dance.